Epic Coatings and Blast is the Ohio Valley’s premier distributor of the only true soda blasting system: The patented Buster Blaster soda blasting system manufactured by The Soda Works, Inc. in Washington State. We have looked at a number of manufacturers who were calling the equipment they were selling "Soda Blasters" and we have found only the Buster Blaster system was designed from the ground up specifically and only for soda blasting.

In response to customer requests, we have added three different abrasive media's to our blasting line-up. Although baking soda blasting (sodium bicarbonate) remains our main focus, we now have the capabilities to "shoot" almost any type of media. What this means to our customers is that we can now offer almost any type of substrate profile and we can produce "white metal" on most rusty projects. As a bonus, we can soda blast over the abrasive blasted surface to retard flash rust and buy you some time before you need to clean and prime the surface.

We carefully tested and chose Crushed Glass and Dry Ice Blasting abrasive's along with baking soda, the most environmentally friendly.

Paint Removal

Stain Elimination

Wood Cleaning

Marine Cleaning

Clean Masonry

Graffiti Removal

Clean Food Equipment

Mold Cleaning

Odor Control

Fiberglass Cleaning

Clean Aluminum

Fire Restoration

Car Restorations
Farm Equipment
Rail Cars
Grease/Sludge Removal
Machinery Finishing
Engine Components
Tank Cleaning
PVC Cleaning
Clean Monuments
Printing Presses

Soda Blasting

Crushed Glass Blasting

Mold Removal*

Fire Restoration*

Dry Ice Blasting*

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Epic Coatings and Blast

*Through one of our contractors using Buster Blaster equipment, this service would be available.